Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Almost Famous Theatre Company presents to you our first play of the 2018; Dirk Gently's

Holistic Detective Agency! In this tale of mystery and intrigue, Dirk finds himself on the trail of a gruesome murderer who is somehow involved with the works of Coleridge, quantum physics, and the enigmatic study of the Cambridge Professor of Chronology?! Ultimately, the stakes of the case are far greater than a single murder, but go to the fate of life on Earth itself. Confused? Don't be - everything is connected.

We're so excited for this performance directed by the genius pair which are Ellen Rogerson and Georgia Davis. We are honoured to be performing this play at Media City UK in the Digital Performance Lab Theatre on the 8th, 9th and 10th of March 2018. The play starts at 7:30pm on all three evenings and will finish roughly around 10:30pm. Tickets are available NOW via the links below so don't miss out on this surreal, quirky play and get your bums on seats and detective caps on heads. Concessions: £5 Adults: £8

Thursday 8th March: https://www.salfordstudents.com/groups/almost-famous/events/dirk-gently-s-holistic-detective-agency Friday 9th March: https://www.salfordstudents.com/groups/almost-famous/events/dirk-gently-s-holistic-detective-agency-7239 Saturday 10th March: https://www.salfordstudents.com/groups/almost-famous/events/dirk-gently-s-holistic-detective-agency-e2c1

Dress Rehearsal for the cast

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