My 5 best attributes:


  • Driven

  • Creative

  • Fast learner

  • Good communication skills

  • Works well under pressure


 Skills include:


  • Videography / editing

  • Photography / editing

  • Creative marketing

  • Digital marketing

  • Creative directing

  • Branding

  • Social media

  • Graphic design

  • Music production

  • Artist managing

  • Tour managing

  • Events managing

  • Web design

  • Song writing

  • PR



I currently run a company called ‘Keep Me Young’ where I use all of the above skills in one place. Over the last 3 years I have released 47 songs worldwide, planned, booked, promoted and managed 4 UK tours. I have also filmed/directed/edited reels of music videos, achieved chart positioning with an independent song release (see here), produced and written multiple songs, assisted in getting an artist over 11 million Spotify plays (see here) and much more. Everything you see below has been created by me, on a self-taught basis.


I have been actively pursuing videography for around 4 years now, although I also dabbled in some short films in my childhood years. I am always learning and improving, but right now my work stands strong. I am confident in saying it reaches a high level of professionalism and creativity. Below is my showreel and a few of my favourite videos I have created, most single handedly (just me and a camera) and some with a couple of helpers. I plan the videos, cast the actors, direct the videos, operate the cameras, and edit all of the footage. I should also point out that these videos are created with very little or in most cases zero budget (I also made the music in the showreel).

I recently started a series called ‘Culture’. Short documentaries focussing on interesting/inspiring people. Watch them here:


Photography is a very deep passion of mine. I have been doing photography work for around 3 years. My speciality is location work, on the go, urban settings, but I am extremely versatile and trained in most areas including studio work. Here are a few of my recent favourite pictures.