February 3, 2018

Almost Famous Theatre Company presents to you our first play of the 2018; Dirk Gently's

Holistic Detective Agency! In this tale of mystery and intrigue, Dirk finds himself on the trail of a gruesome murderer who is somehow involved with the works of Coleridge, quantum physics, and the enigmatic study of the Cambridge Professor of Chronology?! Ultimately, the stakes of the case are far greater than a single murder, but go to the fate of life on Earth itself.


February 3, 2018

This year, Almost Famous Theatre company has been working very hard to present to

you Dolly Parton's '9 to 5: The Musical'. In a comical turn of events, three co-workers of Consolidated Industries, Violet, Judy and Doralee form a strong female bond through their mutual hate for their obnoxious and misogynistic boss, Mr Hart. 

The three women Battle against the odds to improve the workplace conditions of Consolidated Industries and their own lives. With co...

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